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L'Oreal Colorista

If you're like me and love changing your hair colour you would love the L'Oreal Colorista temporary hair colour that washes out in 4-10 washes! These lovelies come in some pretty awesome range of colours which allows you to customize and create your own unique shade(s). You can go bold and vibrant or pretty it up in cool pastel tones. It's so easy and fool proof.    read more...

NYX Cosmic metals

I am absolutely in love with the new additions of #nyxcosmetics #cosmicmetals. . Not only are they just amazing products but I also remember how difficult it was for me as a makeup artist trying to create " metallic lipstick " during a fashion shoot!  I would mix glittler / metallic pigments with clear gloss, Vaseline, anything I would think would bond to the lips. Boy was it messy!     read more...


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Short Hair Made My Make Up Game Strong

I've always been extremely comfortable wearing short hair, the only difference now is that I am getting older, my weight and facial features have changed.  Back in 2013, I probably took the most off ever, I had an extreme high undercut leaving just a a couple of inches on top of my head and my sides were razor clean fading up to a "1" on the clippers .   read more...