What your lips say about you!


Do you know that your lips really do speak… literally your lip prints can unveil lots of fascinating facts aboutYOU; Who you are, What you want, and What you need ! And here I thought it was all genetic. According to Lip reading experts, Lips can reveal a lot about the personality of the people. 

 What exactly is Lipsology?

Lipsology is the art of lip print reading, is a fun, yet skill based tool (similar in some ways to handwriting analysis) that can be used to learn about personality traits, energy levels, state of mind, and even some information about current or older health issues. There are 25 categories of lip prints and over 100 sub-categories so there's a lot of data for a Lipsologist to read and learn about you. This information is gathered based on the size, shape, color intensity, and special markings of your lip prints.Apparently there is only 7 certified lip experts in the world.

How is Lipsology Done?

Lipstick and kiss cards, yes men wear it too .

 Here is a photo I found online so you can figure out which shape you are.  Most can pin out which lip shape they are but for the ones with “combination” lips, choose the one that suits you best!

They are many shapes of the lips and each shape had a different way of taking. "The most important thing your lips speak to is [what you're like] in relationships and how giving you are," says Jean Haner, an expert in face reading and author of The Wisdom of Your Face."You were born with the features you have for a reason — every feature is linked to a part of your personality and they all work together to represent who you are." Here, Haner lays out what your lip shape says about you based on her studies in face reading derived from Chinese medicine.  If you’re curious what your lips say about you, take a look at the list below.

1. Thin Lips (Is your mouth small, and your lips thin and defined)Then you’re measured and selective, and you go for quality over quantity. Some senses are much more important to you than others, and you tend to neglect the rest. You like things to be done properly. Your tastes push you to extremes; when you’re into something you need to know everything there is to know about it!

For those who have thin lips and a small mouth, deep connections are not always a top priority. They can be content as loners and are not as comfortable in relationships. Lasting love is possible – but it could take some extra effort and patience to get there. 

2. Thick Lips: You often fall in love and less likely to act rationally. You’re straight forward and won’t hide your desire.

3. Full Lips (Naturally Full Top and Bottom Lips) : This lip shape correlates with a strong desire to be a mother and shows how much you care about others. It represents someone who is giving, will put others first, and finds great joy in doing that. This person is also someone who wants to have a good circle of friends and a good connection with others. They really value relationships.  You are open and fulfilled. You use your experiences, try new things and share them with others. You are an empathetic individual who values your relationships. Giving and receiving is important to you. You radiate confidence and this makes you devastatingly attractive to men. You love the pleasures in life and seek maximum thrills in bed.

4. Wide Lips : Women with wide-stretched lips like are lively and have a large circle of friends with many different interests. As a perfectionist, you are very successful and talented, and you like to determine your own fate.

5. Round Lips : People with button-shaped lips are interested in exploration and a little bit rebellious and flirtatious. People are naturally drawn to you because of your “vivacious charm mixed with your risque fashion sense. You glow with bright charisma.

6. Heart-Shaped Lips/Bow-shaped Lips : Bow-shaped lips have a peaked cupid’s bow. People with cute heart-shaped lips are independent, seductive , expressive and great communicators. Heart shapes are expressive in voicing opinions. Is quick-minded, and very creative. Because they're so quick-minded, they can also be highly reactive and often not think before speaking, whether what they're saying is kind or mean-spirited. 

7. Thick upper lip, thin lower lip: That means you’re someone who loves to create drama in relationships. You’re a giving person and you’re concerned about the other person’s needs in the relationship as well as your own.

An Injected Fuller Upper Lip: In Chinese face reading, if you change your face, you throw off your system, thereby changing your destiny. So, if you mess with your natural features, you mess with the path you're meant to have. And since every feature represents a part of your personality and they all work together to represent who you are, altering a physical feature is like altering your being.

According to Haner, if you mess with your lips, you can become needier, more selfish, and more out of control emotionally. And the more you plump them up, the more you welcome drama. Watch out if your upper lip is filled larger than your lower lip — that means you're someone who loves to create drama in relationships. 

8. Thin upper lip, thick lower lip: You’re someone who wants to be pampered. You can also be a pleasure seeker. You look like a cool person, but actually, you have a strong desire for love. Once you fall in love, it’s likely hard for you to get back up again. The upside to this altered lip shape is that you’re also someone who really wants to enjoy life.

An Injected Fuller Lower Lip: This means you're someone who wants to be pampered. You can also be a pleasure seeker. The upside to this altered lip shape is that you're also someone who really wants to enjoy life. 

9. Goldilocks Lips:Like the fairy tale, these symmetric lips are “just right.” Your lips aren’t thick or thin, but medium-size, and your cupid’s bow doesn’t have super-defined peaks, nor does it lack definition. If you have lips like this, it means you’re pretty even-keeled in relationships. You’ll do just fine and won’t go overboard when it comes to drama or giving too much. You’re not needy or clingy, but you do crave a sense of connection in relationships.

I fall under full/thick and it’s pretty dead on! But I’m pretty open minded, but what do you guys think? Would love to get your feedback.