Review : BECCA Highlighter in Moonstone

If you have been following me for a while you would know I am a HUGE FAN of highlighters. I recently discovered this magical highlighter and dying to share it with you ( I know, I'm late in the makeup game! ) !  BECCA has always been known for their highlighters but  I fell in love with #moonstone both in liquid and powder form! I am in love with it so much!  It is on the " bright" side as it does give it a very shimmer finish.  Just be careful how you would use it before you look like a disco ball.

I would apply it only where the sun / light  would hit my face  ( forehead, cheek bone, bridge of nose, upper lip and chin) If you really want to highlight other features, you can do your brow bone and inner eye corner.  Over doing it can make your face look like you have severe oily skin and we both know that's not very attractive.

Applying it just above the cupids bow can create a more " pouty " pout.  Here I used the Moostone in the liquid form.

I am absolutely in love with this product.  The reason why I have both the powder and liquid form is to have one in my Professional Make -Up Kit that I can use on all skin types.  The liquid form is for me as I have very dry skin and do not use a lot of powders.  I would apply it after my foundation to create that dewy glow and lightly set it with loose powder.  I do not recommend to use the liquid highlight on top of powder as it does not blend smoothly and will create a paste on the skin. Let me know if you have tried this :)