Problem with Straight Eyelashes?

Do you have straight eyelashes?  Do you have a problem curling them? I noticed that even after curling your eye lashes, after a few hours it no longer holds it curls!

Here are some tips to achieving a long lasting eye lash curl

Eyelash Curler:  We is suggested that you curl very close to the bed of your lashes then another time at the center of your lashes and if you can, a couple millimeters before the end of your lashes. This will give you a more " C" like curl rather than the "L" shape.

Mascara: I have noticed that most waterproof mascara tend to hold the curl longer. Some of our favourite are L"oreal Volumious, Maybelline Great Lash and  Christian Dior Show.

If you have any comments are suggestions, feel free to comment in the box below!

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