City Slick by MAC

 Finally,  colour that matches my hair!  I just discovered this bad boy, City Slick by MAC. At first I was a little intimidated by it as I have never worn a lipstick  as light and de-saturated as City Slick. The color reminds me grey marble or stone . It's on the cool tones and has a blue undertone.

I haven't found a lip liner to go with it but I did receive many recommendations when I posted this on instagram. Curt Slick does finish matte  so it should help with a bit of the bleeding and feathering on the lips. The formula and consistency is very much like any of the matte lipsticks from Mac Cosmetics which I have always been a fan of.

Thoughts??? yay or nay ?  Regardless if I choose to keep it for my personal collection or not it will be quite an asset to my working kit.  This lipstick is amazing regardless and I plan on  mixing it with other lipsticks to achieve a more "ashy" or "de-saturated." colour.