Wythe Hotel , Brooklyn New York

Wythe Hotel started with the discovery of a factory on the Williamsburg waterfront. The building was constructed in 1901 and has been converted into a 70-room hotel.

 In many of the guest rooms, floor-to-ceiling windows offer a panorama of the Manhattan skyline or face a cool Steve Powers graffiti mural that re-creates vintage Brooklyn advertising.

I arrived to Brooklyn around noon, the Wythe had no problem taking my bags since my check in wasn't until 3pm.  (Unfortunately I didn't get to take many photos of the lobby or entrance, but lucky for google ( insert stolen photo ). )  Immediately when I walked in, it definitely eluded a very hip and cool vibe. It had a very rustic industrial look with a modern feel.  I've always been a fan of boutique hotels because it always reminded me of home ( in a different city ) You're not bombarded with a ton of people at the lobby playing tourist. It just felt right.  I didn't see myself as a visitor as I couldn't see myself leaving!  I decided to grab  lunch and explore the Williamsburg neighbourhood for a couple of hours before my room was ready.  

Passing through the lobby is the Reynard Restaurant which is open daily 7 am to midnight. Due to my tight schedule I wasn't able to take photos inside the restaurant nor had the chance to dine in it.  I did read up on reviews and I am very interested trying the restaurant the next time I am in Brooklyn.  P.S. The interior and design compliments the Wythe very well. *sigh* miss it already

Once I returned to the hotel and officially checked in , my baggage was already sent to my room with a little " birthday" package with a handwritten card.  I thought that was really sweet coming " home "  to notes. You feel , appreciated? Call me old school, I still would prefer a handwritten note/card over text anytime.

Heated concrete floors, exposed brick, reclaimed-timber beds and witty custom wallpaper (including the Wythe Toile, inspired by local street scenes) create a rustic-industrial vibe, offset by fully plugged-in technology .

A cable by the bed turns your Smartphone into a surround-sound music system. This is probably one of the highlights in the room for me. Music is EVERYTHING!

The utilitarian subway-tiled bathrooms are stocked with luxurious Turkish towels and eco-conscious Goldies products created by a former Diner staffer. 

Heading up to the 6th floor is the bar and patio. The floor to ceiling glass windows make the view/skyline of Manhattan is just breathtaking.  I managed to witness it just when the sun was coming down and snapped a photo.

A 1901 cooperage near the waterfront has been topped with a three-story glass-and-aluminum addition; on its facade,  At night on the opposite , it lights up like this! 

Here I am goofing around and taking advantage of the lighting and this amazing room.

I just want to thank Wythe Hotel and my company that made this Birthday amazing and truly unforgettable.