How do you wake up?

What’s the first thought that goes through your head when you wake up in the morning? Oh sh!t, I'm late for work?  If that is how you start your morning it is likely that your day will be filled with anxiety and stress.

Negative energy can be found almost anywhere.  Whether it be on social media, even a  horrible text that you received in the morning.  There is always someone complaining about life and the emotions they spread may influence your thoughts and actions in a negative way.  As much as there is  always "negative” energy around, there is always  “positive” energy around.  It can be rather mayhem or a magical experience. The choice is ultimately yours.

Naturally you will ask yourself questions throughout the morning, , “ Why am I so tired? Why doesn’t anything fit? Why did I stay out so late? “These things don’t really serve any useful purpose.  Try asking something  positive in the morning. “ What’s the best thing that can happen today? I can’t wait to have lunch with Jane ! or  I can’t wait to make those delicious pancakes…. “

I try to remind myself all the time with my surroundings, whether it be filling my bedroom with soothing music , natural lighting , favourite colours, fragrances... anything to remind me that life is beautiful.  Even waking up to someone that means so much to you like your children, partner or friend.  Simple reminders to always remind you to appreciate that there is a reason for breathing. And if breathing is not something to appreciate and stay positive for, I don't know what else is... well maybe a couple of things but you get what I mean.

It’s proven that if you ask these kind of questions, you start to shift your focus of your mind on positive things that you want to happen. The mind is an extremely powerful thing. 

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