Boys Like it Better Long

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I've grown my hair long enough to the point it was a few inches shy above my waist and then would take off 20+ inches right after. Point is, it's not new to me having short or really short hair.  If we have just met within the last decade or so , maybe it was a bit of a shock to witness me taking off my hair.  I can reassure you with the countless photos documented somewhere on Social Media that I first rocked my first short " boy cut " at the tender age of 11. I was inspired by T-Boz's haircut from TLC that@krystleimages and I went and chopped off our locks to rock " short hair" .  Obviously we weren't as cool as T-Boz , although we did form a girl band that lasted about a month!  I can see why my classmates were slightly confused with the little girl with short boy hair cut rocking a floral dress that my mother had picked out for me in Nike velcro sandals with white socks.  I had no curves at eleven and was constantly confused if I was a boy. It was my reality, after a while it stopped bothering me.

What I also noticed about myself was that  I would grow out my hair for a few years and then chop it off.  As the years went by, my "boy cut" became shorter and shorter . I have never regretted any of my hair changes. It was liberating! It's like pushing a reset button in my life and it was so refreshing!  It felt safe to me, I always felt comfortable with change. 

Because what most people neglect to realize is when a woman cuts her hair she's cutting off so much more. Society has the notion of beauty all mixed up. Our eyes are endlessly force fed heaps of servings of larger than life images of luscious locks on models, who are forever adorned. We have been brainwashed into thinking this image is the sole definition of beauty. But hey, my girlfriends have long hair, and they are stunning. I'm cool with it , I still kick it with them 😜

Women have messaged / approach me whom shown great interest in changing their hair but fear the negative responses they may receive . Why should there be any consequences or repercussions because you want to change the way YOU look. Especially the length of your hair ?  It shouldn't have to and if you are reading this and you can relate to this, know there are people out there that will support it and think you are BEAUTIFUL!

"Do men still approach you ? " A question I get asked a lot from women, and interesting enough, no.   I receive more compliments from women then I do from men when I have very short hair ( reverse when I have long hair ) but it never made me feel insecure because when I decided to chop off my hair the first time in 6th grade, I sure as hell was not thinking about what the boys in my class would think.  Now at 33,  I still don't give a shit. Do what makes YOU happy, long or short. 

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